Happy Saver – Dedicated to You!

Happy Saver is a small, surplus (dents, overstocks and outdates) grocery store founded in June of 2010. From the very beginning we’ve worked hard to cultivate a passion for quality in everything we do while still maintaining a budget friendly store.

It’s been an adventure finding products from all across the United States and getting them into Central Pennsylvania. From this, we’ve been able to bring in a large variety of products, many of them not available in local stores, to stock our shelves. We’re still able to maintain a consistent flow of the every day essentials as well and personal favorites.

Every day we’re open we spend restocking our shelves with fresh merchandise to keep you, our customers, happily saving on the products you love.

Our Location

Located In The Lykens Valley Plaza
(Beside The Wal-Mart)

4686 State Route 209, Elizabethville, PA 17023
Phone: (717) 905-2141
Web: www.happysaver.co

A Selection From Our Store

Happy Saver Tomato Sauce Diced & Cubed

Happy Saver Soups Campbells Tuna

Happy Saver Soda

Happy Saver Snacks Granola Bars Chips

Happy Saver Snack Bars

Happy Saver Potato Chips

Happy Saver Pickles Dressing Condiments

Happy Saver Paper Products Aisle

Happy Saver Meds

Happy Saver Coffee

Happy Saver Herr's Chips

Happy Saver Hair Dye

Happy Saver End Cap Specials

Happy Saver Cleaning Aisle 3

Happy Saver Cleaning Aisle 2

Happy Saver Cereal Aisle

Happy Saver Baby Food

Happy Saver Baking Supplies Aisle

Happy Saver Avon

Happy Saver Mashed Potatoes & Chef Boyardee